Check here for a great list of local resources for rides, trails, and events!
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Click here to check out Marilyn on the National Bicycle Greenway News website!

Spring Water Corridor - This is a wonderful, flat, scenic bikeway. A number of road crossings along the way, but most have signals. All the way from Sellwood to Gresham, or from the Portland waterfront if you start on the Eastbank Esplanade out to Sellwood Park.

Eastbank Esplanade - Suitable for slow, casual riding (but then, what is wrong with that?!) due to the high volume of walkers, runners, children, and dogs. Ride along the Willamette and have lunch along the river!

Fanno Creek Greenway - Miles of beautiful scenery along Fanno Creek, and right close to our Beaverton location! This trail is a great ride and is used by a lot of riders and walkers. A great way to get across Beaverton!

Banks Vernonia Trail - A beautiful, highly scenic trail. Gentle grade that anyone can ride. Parking at the trailhead in Manning has a nice maintained restroom. There is a small local bike shop at the trailhead with some rentals. Almost zero road crossings - this is a bike/pedestrian/equestrian only trail.

Willamette Scenic Bikeway - A crown jewel in Oregon Cycling. “Cycle by fields of Oregon’s world famous hop farms, past views of vineyards and quaint towns. Stop for wine tastings and pick up supplies at coffee shops and brew pubs. The valley’s temperate climate encourages year round biking. Bring rain gear for winter riding. April through November brings sunshine, amazing flower displays, farmers markets...” You get the idea. Amazing.

Rails to Trails Conservancy - Turning old railroad routes into multi use scenic trails all over the US. Find a trail and enjoy wherever you go!

Cycle Oregon - Rated as THE BEST organized bike ride in America. A different route every year, capped at 2,200 riders with the best support there is. The week long ride can be a very challenging ride, but the rewards are well worth the effort. The weekend ride offers a glimpse of the Cycle Oregon flavor and is family friendly.

PWTC - The Portland Wheelmen Touring Club - This is a great group of local cyclists. The majority ride conventional bikes, but they welcome anyone. Rides tend to be faster paced, but their site identifies the pace of each ride listed. They also have a great links page to larger organized (and supported) rides in the area.

Oregon Randonneuring - The sport of Randonneuring is one of the fastest branches of cycling. You can read up on it at their site. This is a wonderful sport to indulge in from the comfort of a recumbent bike or trike. Want to learn about what lights will work at night - ask a ranonneuse!

Bike Portland - For ALL things “bike” in Portland! Johnathan Maus does a stellar job in every way. He is a jewel in the crown of Portland cycling!

BTA - the Bicycle Transportation Alliance - BTA is our ambassador for the future of cycling in Portland and the surrounding areas. Coventry Cycle Works is a proud paying supporter of the BTA as we believe in the things they do for our communities. Please consider becoming a BTA member or making a donation!

OHPV (Oregon Human Powered Vehicles) - Portland’s human power vehicle club welcomes all cyclists, no matter what you choose to ride. The group largely consists of recumbent riders with a focus on bicycle aerodynamics. This is a fun, warm group that loves to ride. They host the Human Power Challenge - a Memorial Day weekend race at Portland International Raceway. Check out the HPC site for details!

Ultra Race News - The sport of Ultra Racing os growing by leaps and bounds. Many recumbent riders are record holders for these races, sine our bikes allow us to ride for long hours in comfort. John Foote is the force behind this relatively new site and he has done and incredible job - professional and interesting interviews and insights unto the Ultra world.

Over The Top Radio - Get you live action “fix” from the Ultra Racing world here, with George Thomas - race owner of Race across Oregon (RAO) and other races, as he interviews Ultra Racers from all over the world. The podcasts are live, but you can catch older interviews and they are worth a listen.

RAAM - Race Across America - Toughest race (possibly athletic event) in the planet bar none. 3,000 miles non stop from San Diego, California to Annapolis, Maryland.

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